Thinking about the mornings waking up next to you.
Looking at you perfectly in peace.
I can't resist interrupting.
Just to plant a kiss on your forehead.
Or your cheek,
Or your neck.
And there’s that fleeting moment when you open your eyes.
Looking at me for the first time again.
Took a mental picture of that pout you make when you come back to life.
Right before you bury your face into my chest.
And we’re both awake but we’re still dreaming.
In those few short moments we’ve found a perfect place to exist.
Wish we could stay here forever.

Kissed someone else the other day.
Her lips don't fit mine like yours do.
Keep searching for you in other people.
Trying to find someone to take the familiarity away.
Feel like I’m losing you while I’m still so young.
But isn't that what youth is anyways?
Embracing the nice things while we can.
I know we all grow up eventually.
And my memory's never been that great.
I’m just surprised by how quickly you’re fading away.
Love feels like a test to see who'll forget the other person the fastest.