Note To Self

Organize your heart, mind, and soul. Calibrate your intangibles to make sure everything’s on the same page. Organization prevents insecurity and anxiety and improves your confidence and self-worth. Whenever you can, take a moment to think completely introspectively. Think about your actions and reactions, your attitude and mood, your impulses and instincts. Don’t stress yourself out trying to analyze anything uncontrollable. Don’t try to re-live or re-do moments from your past. Instead, think of how those moments affected you and prepare yourself for similar moments in the future.

Sophisticate your creative identity without losing your originality. Picasso said, “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” We all sub-consciously borrow from our inspiration. That’s inevitable and irrevocable. In a way, all of our original thoughts have already been expressed. But the way in which you combine perspectives is uniquely your own. No one else knows the exact same things as you, and you can create uniquely diverse expressions from everything that makes your identity. It may be easy to jump on a trend or copy a well-liked aesthetic, but creating your own is far more rewarding and meaningful.

Work for your wealth but also make your wealth work for you. Wealth is security, not for indulgence. Your hard work should not indulge a spontaneous infatuation or pay for temporary satisfaction. Identify the resources that you need to get to the next level and save up. Unexpected events and emergencies pop up all of the time and being as prepared as you can will reduce the stress that comes with it. The luxuries of life will always be available to us, don’t ruin yourself with impatience. You’ll feel more comfortable buying those nice things when you can still maintain your wealth.

Knowledge is infinite. Take advantage of the endless amount of resources that are available to you. Try to learn something new every day. Knowledge has the ability to affect every aspect of your life. Subscribe to a newspaper, fill your bookshelf with life-changing narratives and novels, watch films that enhance the cultural environment, visit museums. Sit down and watch Jeopardy. And don’t focus solely on material knowledge, because intangible knowledge is important too.

The phrase, “experience everything”, is too definite. As if you’re making a finish line for yourself. “Experience anything” means taking any opportunity as it reveals itself to you. Scheduling or listing future experiences will create deadlines in your mind and that will bring unnecessary stress into your life. Roll with the punches. You’ll learn more about yourself from experiences than anything else. And every experience, no matter how small, is meaningful.

Like many things, romanticization is healthy in moderation. Not every event is a sign of destiny, not every display of affection is meaningful nor eternal, not every endearing quality defines a personality. Don’t allow yourself to remain so hopeful that you become hopeless. Casual interpretation and intention will prevent yourself from ruining your life every other week.

Minimize your lifestyle. Make it easier for yourself to LIVE. Cutting out the clutter and complications from your everyday business will give you more time, organization, and will help decrease the stress in unexpected situations. Delete those old numbers you haven’t contacted in a year, stay off of inessential social media, don’t involve yourself in drama that your presence is irrelevant in. Create a routine that keeps you on track but allows enough flexibility for exploration. Most importantly, don’t overwhelm yourself.